Palazzo Soncini Sessa structural consolidation

The "Palazzo Aldrovandi" complex was built on a pre-existing 16th-century site but was constructed and modernised in its current form during the 18th century by the Bolognese cardinal Pompeo Aldrovandi, to a design by the architect Franco Maria Angelini. The entire complex is now home to the Azienda Agr. Palazzo Sessa Maria s.n.c.. The ground floor of the Palazzo is used as the Museo della Civiltà contadina - Rodolfo e Luigi Sessa ( and the first floor as a private residence. The remaining buildings perform agricultural functions for the company.
The building underwent structural consolidation and restoration work in 2012 following an earthquake that struck it on 20 May. The safety and structural consolidation of the building was designed in accordance with the Guidelines for the evaluation and reduction of seismic risk of cultural heritage aligned with the new Technical Standards for Construction and the related Circular containing instructions for their application (Ministerial Decree 14 January 2008). The entire perimeter masonry, from the first floor to the second (attic), was composed of a double unbonded curtain wall, without transversal reinforcement diatons. In the underside of the eaves, corresponding to the attic floor, a fibreglass bandage was laid with high-strength mortar. This fascia also included the flanges of the openings, which had previously been consolidated by injecting suitable mortar. At this height, and all around the perimeter, tie rods were laid to brace the walls with the facades. The bell tower on the N-W façade was consolidated by deep bracing of the sandstone piers and cap with galvanised steel bars embedded in epoxy resin. Here too, the perpendicular walls, which were not immersed in the façade, were secured by means of tie rods with external plates. All the internal and external surfaces were completed with the application of a 'fine' lime putty plaster, painted with a silicate base.

  • Location

    Mirabello (FE), Corso Italia 373

  • Year


  • Client

    Azienda Agricola Palazzo Sessa Maria s.n.c.

  • Architectural project and Construction management

    Sergio Bettini, Elena Marchi

  • Design and Supervision of Structural Works

    Valter Levi

  • Contracting companies

    Edilgar srl (consolidation works) Leonardo srl (preventive investigations) Bossong, Diamantech (pivoting of bell tower)